Jasmine Wang was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Growing up she was always a shy girl but didn’t realize how much she was really into the arts until attending UBC. It was during her last couple of years prior to graduating that Jasmine realized her passion for theatre and film. She graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree with Theatre major and Film Studies minor. She loved to watch theatre productions or go to the cinema to watch a movie. In Summer 2011, Jasmine went to New York for the first time and by herself, there she got the independence she needed, her love for New York and her passion to travel. Jasmine has been running websites for over 14 years as a blogger & webmaster. On her spare time, she makes sure to makes sure to attend as many festivals and events as well as see as many films and theatre productions each year. Jasmine currently reside in Toronto where she hopes to gain more festival programming and film related skills to eventually work in the film industry (film production & film distribution side). She hopes to one day find a job which has everything she loves in it!