Jonathan Groff’s 26th Birthday Video

In 2011, I did a birthday project for Jonathan Groff with Tat and Britt! We gathered videos and images from fans and put the birthday video together. With the help from Remy Zaken, Steve (his cousin in law) and his brother, Drew, Jonathan knew about the video and loved it! So check out the finished product below. Britt created the video:

NerdHQ TwitCast Video

During San Diego Comic Con in 2011, I was featured in Zachary Levi’s twitcasting video during NerdHQ. His friend, Adam, was doing the interviews. Unfortunately, the recording was bad and not all my interview was got on camera. So you get a snippbit of me at the end:


By The Fans – The Making Of The Veronica Mars Movie

I was interviewed for the documentary but unfortunately, my interview did not make the cut. However, some of my VM friends’ interviews did! You can still find me in it in some of the video footages that was used during Comic Con! The documentary is a special feature of the movie available on both DVD & Blu Ray!