For over 12 years, Jasmine has been running websites. It started when her mom signed her up for a class in HTML during the summer and it changed her life. As a shy kid growing up, websites was a way for her to express herself. She learned on her own and started to make sites on Asian Avenue, Vancouver Xchange and Free Webs. She did not take it seriously until someone offered to buy a domain for her personal site. Her passion and dedication of wanting to learn new things was what lead her to continue to create websites. She learned HTML, PHP and started to use different programs to web design and make her sites more user friendly. She began to start making fan art and fan videos. One of her first successful fan sites was on the TV show, Gossip Girl. It was called Gossip Girl Online and it was the first main source for everything on the book and the TV show. The site had a high traffic of visitors and was even featured on CW Arizona. She mainly did fan sites for fun but was fortunate enough to have some of the celebrities she had run sites on know about them. Fan sites were her way of doing PR as she got to keep the online community updated on her favorite celebrities. Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr assisted in building a bigger audience for her sites. She was using CuteNews before she started to use WordPress on her sites. She began to purchase her own domains. She learned everything on her own but had some help from her online friends over the years.

After graduating from UBC with a Bachelor of Arts degree (Theatre major and Film Studies minor), Jasmine decided to go back to school to enhance her website skills and knowledge. Jasmine took online courses at BCIT in hopes get a Web Technologies Certificate. She learned about SEO & making websites more user friendly. She began volunteering at several festivals and events in Vancouver. Websites was always a hobby but she wanted to still do something website related in her jobs . In 2012, Mongrel Media contacted Jasmine through her Marion Cotillard site with advance screening passes to Rust and Bone, it gave her a clearer vision of what she wanted to do in her career. As an event assistant for Heritage Vancouver Society last year, she mentioned her websites skills and was given the opportunity to assist in updating the events blog for the self guided garden walking tours. Since moving to Toronto, she gained even more events related skills from working with Moorshead and Associates and TAAFI. She decided to cut down on her fan sites and focus more on her career. She created a blog, Jasmine Goes To.. where she could give tips and talk about theatre, TV, films and events she attends. With her connections in Toronto, she began to seek website related work from her previous employees and festival colleagues.

With over 980 followers on her personal twitter, Jasmine has slowly built herself a wide range of networks in the online community. By using social media as a platform to promote theatre, TV shows and movies, events and everything she loves, Jasmine feels like she has found a voice. She hopes to bring her skills in getting an opportunity to continue to work on websites and help promote for other companies.

View her website collective at Simply-Infatuated & her current blog, Jasmine Goes To...